LiteCore Marine Panels are IMO approved with MED B and MED D certification. Please be aware, that only the panels are certified. The core material alone has no approval, cf. IMO and MED.

All production takes place in Denmark and is subject to the requirements of ISO-9001 and MED-D. LiteCore conducts external audits with Det Norske Veritas (DNV), cf. the rules on this.

LiteCore uses only IMO-approved products to manufacture the certified panels.

In addition to certificates, there are data sheets and assembly instructions as well as operation and maintenance.

All LiteCore Panels are Det Norske Veritas (DNV) approved. Backing all certificates are test reports from the Danish Fire Institute (DBI).

All panels are tested according to IMO FTPC part 3, IMO res. A.754 (18)

The DNV allows us to “wheel-mark” our panels and with all products for marine use we will follow “Declaration of Conformity”

DNV-GL have approved doors and have provided certificates for BD/BS Fire Doors.

To view and download the certificates – go to the download centre