LiteCore Marine Panels

LiteCore Marine Panels are based on the SkamolMarinePanel Board in calcium silicate, which is tested for, and used in, a variety of land-based applications.

The calcium silicate sheets are available in multiple densities, offering different mechanical, thermal and fire engineering properties. Common to all the boards is that the mechanical properties are relatively limited, which can be especially challenging with thin boards.

By gluing a uniform surface on both sides of the calcium silicate sheet, a sandwich construction is obtained which is extremely strong. Even thin and light sheets achieve high strength. The A60 panel is available without surface. Here it is important that the plate is protected against impact and shock. In addition, the plate must not be loaded before, during or after installation. Surface panels, on the other hand, will be tough for assembly and use.

Calcium silicate also has the advantage of not being prone to damaging water effects. Furthermore, no mould can grow in the material, which can be advantageous in several situations.

It is important that LiteCore Marine Panels are not confused with Skamol’s other product range. Only LiteCore Marine Panels are approved for marine use, cf. IMO FTP 2010 and production approval, cf. Marine Equipment Directive MED-D.

LiteCore Marine Panels are tested and manufactured to standard dimensions, as seen in the product overview below. In addition, we offer the manufacturing of special dimensions. If the targets exceed the standard targets, this requires approval from the local authority or LiteCore testing the panel at the desired size. The latter will, of course, require a large volume of orders.

LiteCore provide panels with individually customised surfaces. If the panels are to be certified according to IMO FTP 2010, this will require surface finish.

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