A0, A60 LiteCore Panels

The A15 LiteCore Panels consist of a 25 mm calcium  silicate core.

The panels come in a maximum size 2400×590 mm and are assembled with tongne and groove.

A60 LiteCore Panels are a highly requested panel and popular within both the marine and off-shore industries.

The panel consists of 52 mm calcium silicate. A60 is profiled with tongue and groove and the maximum size of the panel is 2400×580 mm.


Surface: Laminate
Type: T & G
Surface: Wood
Type: T & G
Surface: Galvanised Steel
Type: T & G
Surface: Tissue
Type: T & G


Did you know that “A0” division is able to maintain its integrity for a period of 60 minutes?

However because it is “0” rated, the cold face temperature can rise without limit.

An “A60” division is able to maintain both its integrity and insulation criteria for a period of 60 minutes.