About the Wheelmark

MED (Marine Equipment Directive) mark of conformity, also known as the “Wheelmark”

Marine equipment can only be installed on board ships flying the flag of an EU country, Norway, Iceland and other flag states if it is marked with the MED (Marine Equipment Directive) mark of conformity, also known as the “Wheelmark”.

The DNV allows LiteCore to “Wheelmark” our panels and with all products for marine use we will follow “Declaration of Conformity.

All production takes place in Denmark and is subject to the requirements of ISO-9001 and MED-D . LiteCore conducts external audits with Det Norske Veritas (DNV), cf. the rules on this.

All LiteCore Panels are Det Norske Veritas (DNV) approved. Backing all certificates are test reports from the Danish Fire Institute (DBI).

All panels are tested according to IMO FTPC part 3, IMO res. A.754 (18)

DNV-GL have approved doors and have provided certificates for BD/BS Fire Doors.

To view and download the certificates – go to the download centre

About “Wheelmark”

“Ships Wheel”, also known as “Wheelmark”, is an accreditation required for equipment placed on board ships for which safety certificates are issued by, or on behalf of, Member States of the European Union.

The Wheelmark is granted once a product has been demonstrated to meet the safety at sea requirements as stipulated by the Marine Equipment Directive. It is the “flag administration” of the Member State that has the authority for issuing certification – in the UK, this is the MCA.

Countries within the European Union have one or more nominated “Notified Bodies” which carry out the work to demonstrate that equipment placed on board ships meets safety at sea requirements. Products which they approve for use are required to use the Wheelmark, which must be affixed directly to the product or to its packaging.